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Chocolate Crinkles have been a part of our family's holiday tradition for more than 35 years.  My twin sister and I grew up helping our mother make these "ridiculously good" cookies for our family and friends as a special gift.  Although friends pleaded for the recipe, she kept it a secret.  Now we want to share this amazing treat full of pecans and chocolate with you.  It is all natural, no preservatives and gluten free.  This unique cookie can be stored in and served directly from the freezer for a crispier taste.


 Goody Bag of 3 cookies or Gift Bag of 6 cookies




This delicious cookie, crispy on the edges and chewy in the middle, is gluten free and has no preservatives.  It is a wonderful gift for all occasions.


Gift Box of 12 cookies or  Gift Box of 18 cookies

We take enormous pride in creating our product and hope that you  enjoy it.  We can create custom orders for any occasion; call or email us to order what you like.

Goody Bag of 3 cookies = $3.50

Goody Bag of 6 cookies     = $5.50

Goody Bag of 12 cookies = $10.00  

Gift Box of 12 cookies   = $15.00

Gift Box of 18 cookies = $20.00

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